1. Do you use safe chemicals in your cleaning process? Yes, we use products that have been given the green seal of approval. We have never had any adverse reactions to our cleaning methods or chemicals.


  1. Do you charge extra for closets? No, we include the closets with the price of the room.


  1. How long will the carpets take to dry? Usually just a few hours, however if the carpets are heavily soiled and require extra chemical and effort then it might take up to 6 hours.


  1. What form of payment do you accept? We would prefer to be paid by cash or check. We do accept credit cards but with a $5.00 convenience fee.


  1. Do you move furniture? We DO NOT move beds, dressers, entertainment centers, or china cabinets……etc. This is due to liability concerns.


  1. Do you charge extra for severe pet damage? Yes, we do charge a modest fee usually no more than $40 max.



  1. Do I need to vacuum the carpet before you arrive? No,we vacuum everything before we start like an artist who cleans their canvas before creating a masterpiece.


                     We ask that you leave us a spot to park as close to the residence as possible.

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